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How many people still remember “Everybody’s happy”? The former Central Business District business district of Leshan

The high class restaurant is short-lived

The local cold drink store has been opened for many years in China

Originally known as the dry ice rink, this dry ice rink was brilliant in the early 1990s, how brilliant? This dry rink was apparently in a building, but we have long remembered the name of the building, we all use “everyone is happy” to call it.

First, let me tell you about this building. It is located near Huangjiashan in Leshan City, separated from the Leshan Institute of Culture and Arts by a wall. With the demolition of the city in the past few years, it has long disappeared and is just a parking lot.

At that time, it was the CBD business district of Leshan City, where the latest western restaurants and cafes were opened.

How many of you remember “Everybody’s happy”? The former CBD business district of Leshan

Or a simple and unpretentious northeast cold drink store grounded, the boss is a pure northeast rural man, can be sold all year round ice cream, two or three different flavors, 50 cents a bite, a mouth full of ice crumbs, no relationship delicate observation into the taste, but it is in the minds of teenagers in the enterprise, is Haagen-Dazs.

This cold drink store accompanied everyone from brilliant to lonely, until the demolition, the boss did not move too far, everyone happy on the road, door to door, it seems that he also can not let go of the past. By this time, Leshan City had been able to buy ice cream from KFC, McDonald’s, and supermarkets had many brands of ice cream, even Haagen-Dazs. However, just when everyone thought it would disappear at any time, at the intersection of Renmin South Road and Xincun Street in Leshan, more than 100 meters away from everyone across the street, only to see “Northeast Cold Drink Shop” a few words of the store sign, small store, let people boo.

Nothing to play with is a footnote to the nineties for most people, but looking back, it’s easy to be happy. Without cell phones, comic books, martial arts novels, romance novels were the spiritual food for teenagers, and many small bookstores near Dahl sold books and magazines, rented graphic novels, both classics and dregs, and everyone loved it.

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