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A spring of clear water

9 out of 10 normal deliveries leak urine? Don’t be shy, let’s get serious about “leaking” today!


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The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Why am I leaking urine after giving birth?

The term ‘postpartum leakage’ refers to ‘postpartum urinary incontinence’, also known as ‘postpartum enuresis’, which is a common condition of the urinary system.

This is mainly due to overstretching of the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor as the foetus passes through the birth canal, resulting in stretching of the muscles of the pelvic floor, or damage to the nerves and blood vessels, leading to relaxation and atrophy of the levator ani muscles, and ultimately incontinence.

Secondly, is postnatal “leakage” to be taken seriously?

Yes, although it is not uncommon for this development to occur, they should not be taken lightly. If not taken seriously, along with the growth of age, pelvic muscle relaxation, incontinence may be affected more and more seriously.

In addition, relevant studies have shown that postnatal incontinence can increase the risk of postnatal depression.

Third, how can I carry out postnatal can be repaired and not in the leakage of urine?

This problem can be embarrassing, but it is not difficult to solve. Occasional urine leakage in mothers can be treated with self-training pelvic floor muscle groups, and Kegel exercises can do the trick.


Here are the specific steps to follow.

1. Lie flat on your back and slowly bend your knees.

2. Contract the gluteal muscles and lift the anus upwards.

3. Imagine the movement when you have to hold urine because you have an urge to urinate but are unable to go to the toilet. Abstain or the vagina, urethra and anus.

4. Hold the pelvic floor muscles contracted for 5 seconds, then relax and repeat after 5 to 10 seconds.

It is recommended to perform the above training movements three to four times a week, repeating each set three times.

Note: During the exercise, control your breathing rhythm (normal breathing) to keep the rest of your body relaxed.

This exercise training method is easy to learn and can be performed quietly while standing.

Some hospitals have set up special pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation centres, where severe cases must go for specialised rehabilitation. The hospital will have a special doctor and specialist equipment to guide and assist with training. It is advisable to consult your doctor as soon as possible if you develop symptoms.

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How many people still remember “Everybody’s happy”? The former Central Business District business district of Leshan

The high class restaurant is short-lived

The local cold drink store has been opened for many years in China

Originally known as the dry ice rink, this dry ice rink was brilliant in the early 1990s, how brilliant? This dry rink was apparently in a building, but we have long remembered the name of the building, we all use “everyone is happy” to call it.

First, let me tell you about this building. It is located near Huangjiashan in Leshan City, separated from the Leshan Institute of Culture and Arts by a wall. With the demolition of the city in the past few years, it has long disappeared and is just a parking lot.

At that time, it was the CBD business district of Leshan City, where the latest western restaurants and cafes were opened.

How many of you remember “Everybody’s happy”? The former CBD business district of Leshan

Or a simple and unpretentious northeast cold drink store grounded, the boss is a pure northeast rural man, can be sold all year round ice cream, two or three different flavors, 50 cents a bite, a mouth full of ice crumbs, no relationship delicate observation into the taste, but it is in the minds of teenagers in the enterprise, is Haagen-Dazs.

This cold drink store accompanied everyone from brilliant to lonely, until the demolition, the boss did not move too far, everyone happy on the road, door to door, it seems that he also can not let go of the past. By this time, Leshan City had been able to buy ice cream from KFC, McDonald’s, and supermarkets had many brands of ice cream, even Haagen-Dazs. However, just when everyone thought it would disappear at any time, at the intersection of Renmin South Road and Xincun Street in Leshan, more than 100 meters away from everyone across the street, only to see “Northeast Cold Drink Shop” a few words of the store sign, small store, let people boo.

Nothing to play with is a footnote to the nineties for most people, but looking back, it’s easy to be happy. Without cell phones, comic books, martial arts novels, romance novels were the spiritual food for teenagers, and many small bookstores near Dahl sold books and magazines, rented graphic novels, both classics and dregs, and everyone loved it.

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夜のスキンケア方法 就寝前のプライムタイム前のスキンケア方法は?


How many people can make money through direct selling, and what happens to those who don’t make money?

There are two types of people who do direct selling around us, one type of people who do exist because of direct selling in China and have made money, and the other type of people who are doing direct selling companies because we are not rich originally, and now have become the people who realize the problem of direct selling refugees. Specifically to see, these two categories of people, I think more representative and meaningful.

You will find a realistic phenomenon, the vast majority of people who have made money in direct sales, 無限極直銷they are not doing direct sales before they are also very good, very talented, such as a friend of mine, he is a company, entrepreneurial experience is very rich, the traditional project, it is difficult to inherit, so he chose to do a cosmetic direct sales, he is from the bottom of the direct sales to do, just two years of time, became a The so-called direct sales company’s excellent governance, but the fact is really this? In his words, to do direct sales need high skin business, he direct sales customers are his former corporate customers, because these customers are high-income people, so people do not care, but his influence, his original social, he found less and less, maybe he does not do direct sales, do other projects will still make money.

There is also a class of people who have become direct sales refugees 無限極直銷because they are doing direct sales, and these people account for the vast majority of the year, every ego wants to have the desire to get rich, but every ego does not think about their own resources, talent, whether the products and projects they promote are beneficial to others? Many direct sales companies present irregularities, such as pyramid schemes, false product promotion, blind and aggressive headhunting, collection of threshold fees, the bottom line itself and the circle it is in, it is very poor, in the absence of people and money environment, sometimes more of itself to fill in, the more you do, the more passive!

No matter what the pin is doing two things, one to get the benefits, two, lasting profit growth! If you continue to continue to overdraft, can not last, benign growth, in the process of business, the night people increasingly question you, which is against the bottom of the poor direct sales staff is a deadly attack at night. The Internet has opened another window for us, socialized business, social first and then business, even the three farmers, are able to rely on the Internet to recommend their family’s three agricultural products, any damage to people, questioned by the model is the need for us to reflect! We can not inherit the capriciousness in this way, not to mention the blind worship of any trafficking model and anyone, when a certain trafficking model brewed into a spiritual addiction and desire to rely on, the process danger comes!

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Counting five types of common cat health care products, are IQ tax, cat slaves should no longer pay

A. Nutritional cream

Counting the five categories of common cat health products, are IQ tax, cat slaves should no longer pay

Nutritional cream should be every fecal cleanup officers will buy when they start to keep cats. It sounds like a “rock spring tonic pill”. It looks nutritious. But in reality, just as there is no wife in a wife’s cake, there is no nutrition in a nutritional cream.

There are many types of nutritional creams, such as vitamin supplements and hair removal creams.

Counting the five types of common cat supplements, are IQ tax, cat slaves should no longer pay

Many owners believe that vitamins are essential nutrients in our lives, so it must be beneficial to take more. But the truth is just the opposite. If cats have a well-balanced diet and a well-rounded daily diet, giving them extra vitamins or minerals increases their risk of disease.


Vitamin supplements should only be given to cats that have difficulty absorbing vitamins or have an inadequate intake of vitamins. A multivitamin alone will not solve the problem and will require more detailed testing and treatment.

One of the core technical components analyzed inside the nutritional creams that also have a coat chemistry function is Chinese fats and oils. There are three types of fats and oils, vegetable oils, animal oils and mineral oils. The first two can be absorbed by the cat. Long-term feeding will only bring the risk of obesity. Which we only have a mineral oil that can not be absorbed as having the effect of laxative.

Counting the five categories of common cat health products, are IQ tax, cat slaves should no longer pay

But here comes the problem again, mineral oil not only can not be absorbed, but also may prevent the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins vitamin A, D, K, is not long-term feeding.


Inventory of 5 types of common health products for cats, all are IQ tax, cat slaves do not pay it again!

And in order to make the cat love to eat, nutritional cream adds a lot of flavor, maltose and other delicious temptation, so that the cat becomes very love to eat. And some parents see the cat love to eat, take three days to feed, long-term very bad for the cat’s body.

Second, lecithin

Inventory of 5 types of common health products for cats, all are IQ tax, cat slaves do not pay it again!

Lecithin is the only word that comes to mind when we try to give our cat owners a good coat. Lecithin is a group of yellowish-brown oily substances found in animals and plants, meat, fish, liver, milk, and especially egg yolk. So it is egg yolk lecithin that has a hairdressing effect.

Inventory of 5 types of common health products for cats, all of them are IQ tax, cat slaves do not pay it again!

But the common pet lecithin on the market is basically cheap soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is the leftover from the soybean oil press, which is incomparable to egg yolk lecithin. Some businesses simply use the word “lecithin” to blur the distinction between the two.

The 5 types of common health care products for cats are all IQ taxes, so don’t pay any more!

Lecithin itself is extracted from egg yolk, instead of paying a high price for these exaggerated lecithin, which is not good for cats and dogs, you should just use three to four egg yolks a week.




瘦臉的秘訣可分為: 瘦臉常識、瘦臉法、瘦臉食三大塊。 其實在日常生活中,很多小細節只要我們注意一點,也可以達到瘦臉的效果,還可以避免手術的痛苦和成本。 瘦臉法除了按摩瘦臉外,還有其他更神奇的方法。 例如,大理石面孔和一些小的動作可以起到有效的瘦臉效果。






























預防治療陰道炎 從正確進行清洗內褲開始







冬瓜是傳說中祛斑土最有效的方法之一; 說起冬瓜,我們都很熟悉冬瓜祛斑在民間的使用也是一種很流行的方法。 只需准備一小塊冬瓜,去皮去籽,切成小塊,放入攪拌機攪拌成糊狀。 均勻塗抹於臉部20分鍾,然後用溫水洗淨。 方法很簡單,但效果很好,不僅可以消除斑點,還可以美白皮膚,改善暗色。




香港皮秒去斑技術NEW Beauty提供有皮秒試做服務,大家只需要提前的打斑預約即可。這款香港祛斑也被稱之為PICO CURE美國第二代超皮秒祛斑療程,它是全球唯一一個結合皮秒和納秒的優勢的祛斑療程,以聚焦科技百分之百的高能量來直接抵達肌膚的底層,



建議: 每天早晚用洗面奶洗臉,然後用洗面奶深層清潔。


化妝品中含有多種金屬成分,化學成分具有光吸收作用。 有些人長期使用鉛、汞等化學金屬成分或添加香料到化妝品中,很容易造成皮膚黑塊。







現在 mm 喜歡美白,所以“拼命”使用美白產品,但過多的美白會讓我們的皮膚“難以忍受” ,頻繁使用美白產品或美白治療會使皮膚變薄,角質層脫落,這樣的皮膚遇到陽光就會起疹子,色素沉澱更嚴重!





















二,超聲波去眼袋方便快捷。 超聲波去眼袋手術這個過程只需要20分鍾,你只需要一頓飯的時間,就可以很容易地擊退困難的眼袋。








快速收集! 輕鬆去眼袋,總有一條適合你








Exilis Pro去黑眼圈療程加熱功能一方面促進眼底血液循環,另一方面是為了通過加熱刺激膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白使其快速再生,眼袋消除的同時眼周肌膚也會飽滿。






患有AB型血液的女孩的免疫系統比其他血型的女孩弱,因此她們更有可能患上小毛疾病,如在寒冷的冬天感冒,往往是各種流行病的第一受害者。 的眼神自然就迷了。各種富含維生素的蔬菜水果對AB血的女生來說非常重要,選擇一款富含維生素C的眼霜,效果不錯哦。






如何消除黑眼圈?? 7種快速去除黑眼圈的方法